Like (2019)

In England, two teenage girls were charged with murder after videos and photos from their mobile phones were posted on social media.

Based on true events, Like explores teenagers' complex relationships and how online status often determines social acceptance.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Raindance Film Festival - 2019

NOMINATED - BEST FEATURE FILM: Copenhagen Annual Film Festival 2020

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Anonymosity (2015)

Anonymous is a hit man who works for a foreigner known only as ‘The Farmer’. Anonymous insists he is never told the targets’ names or reasons why they are to be killed. Every penny he earns from the hits is spent on hospital bills for his brain dead mother who is in a coma on life support, never to recover. Whenever hospital bills are due, he accepts another job.

The doctors advise Anonymous that intend to turn off his mother’s life support. Farmer offers Anonymous a hit on an important person where he will make enough money to never worry about a hospital bill again. Desperate to keep his mother alive, Anonymous accepts but is told his mother has died of natural causes. His motivation gone, Anonymous is unable to perform the hit. Now Anonymous himself becomes the target for execution.

AWARDS: BEST CRIME FILM - Mediterannean Film Festival 2017

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Canada International Film Festival - 2016

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Giuseppe & Calogera (2008)

Giuseppe, a young woman from Matera has been forced to endure life with a boy’s name. She yearns to become a mirror image of her older sister Calogera who ran away to Sicily several years before. Calogera has become disillusioned with the exotic Sicilian lifestyle she escaped to. She misses Giuseppe and the simple life of Matera and desperately wants to return home. Both sisters embark on a journey across southern Italy in search of each other, encountering challenges and haunting coincidences along the way. Giuseppe discovers a shocking truth about Calogera which not only creates doubt about the sister she thought she knew so well but forces her to reconsider her own existence.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Monaco Film Festival– 2009; Portobello Film Festival London- 2009

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Ra Choi (2005)



‘RA CHOI’ is a Vietnamese expression, which translated means "Coming out to play", referring to the immersion into street life.

Set in a Vietnamese populated suburb of Sydney, Ra Choi is the story of an Asian ‘gang’ down on their luck and trying to make a life for themselves.

Ra Choi is a moving and emotional journey where the strength of the human spirit is often the only hope they have in their intertwined lives.

"Ra Choi is solid as a rock, uncompromised and made with real talent and integrity. An excellent first feature by anyone's standards" - Megan Spencer, SBS Movie Show

"Driven by a brand of honesty and realism rarely seen in the cinema, Ra Choi takes on a range of tough issues with stand-tall bravery while also telling a deeply human story that will ultimately break your heart" - Erin Free, Filmink Magazine

"Frank's cinematic instincts are well showcased here... a welcome exploration of the areas of Australian life that hardly ever make it to our screens" - Andrew L. Urban,

Distributed through Galloping Films

*Australian Writers Guild AWGIE Awards 2005 – Best Feature Film
*Worldfest Houston 2006 – Winner Gold Remi Award
*National Literary Awards 2005 – Commended
*Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) Awards - Silver award (motion picture)
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Sydney Film Festival 2006, London Australian Film Festival 2006, Rome Film Festival 2006, Cinemasia Amsterdam 2006, Budapest Intenational Film Festival 2007, St Petersburg Film Festival 2007, Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival 2006, Cork Film Festival 2007


Careless Talk

Annoyed with the British military annexation of her Isle of Wight beach, landlady 'Dotty Dorothy' O'Grady decides to become a sabouteur and spy for Nazi Germany. Based on the true story of the only British woman sentenced to death for espionage during WWII.

Based on the novel by James Friel





Where's Your Mama Gone?

Inspired by a true story, 7 year old twins Stephen and Carol are orphaned after losing their mother to a Yorkshire serial killer and are sent to foster homes. We follow their subsequent struggles growing up in Leeds from the 1970s through to the 1990s and dealing with the stigma of their mother's involvement in the sex work industry.

Based on the play by Brian Daniels





The Winemaker

Velimir, in his 40s, lives a peaceful life on his thriving vineyard with his family. Recently his vines have been dying and batches of his wine have spoiled. However something else is troubling him – a fading ‘Vipers’ tattoo on Velimir’s arm holds the key to this secret.

A disturbed man with an identical tattoo visits Velimir’s vineyard and gives him a videotape before suddenly committing suicide. The video shows the man and Velimir as a young man serving with a Serbian paramilitary troop during the Bosnian war and committing unspeakable atrocities against an old town of Obrad.

To make amends, Velimir returns to Obrad and befriends the villagers who do not recognize him. He helps them to rebuild the town and teaches them how to grow a successful vineyard. Velimir’s old comrades track him down, demanding that he return the videotape to them. Velimir refuses so now his own life becomes threatened by the very same comrades he fought alongside with.

Velimir reveals his true identity to the villagers, surrenders the tape and begs their forgiveness. However time does not heal wounds for these victims who are now torn between the need for justice against the monster who destroyed their lives and feeling sympathetic towards their new friend who is remorseful for his past actions.

Developed through Katapult European Script Center - an initiative supported by the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Community


An innocent young Russian woman Varya is arrested and interrogated by MI5 who accuse her of being a spy due to her affair with a government minister. The Home Office also tries to falsely link her to the murder of a British codebreaker found dead inside a sportsbag as well as a recently exposed Russian sleeper cell in the United States. Despite a lack of evidence, she faces prison and deportation. Refusing to accept the accusations, Varya launches a court battle against the might of MI5 and the Home Office to prove her innocence.

Inspired by the true case of Katia Zatuliveter and how the British government resorted to public smear campaigns and xenophobia to prosecute her after her affair with a politician threatened to create a poltical storm.

Things Unspoken

A childlike voice calls out in the darkness. The back door opens and closes. Tiny footsteps run throughout the house. These are some of the strange occurrences that Megan, a pregnant woman in her late thirties, encounters at night. Megan lives on an isolated country property and assumes these experiences are simply her imagination.
But then, Megan discovers a pair of scissors have mysteriously vanished from the house. Megan is filled with dread, and a horrible suspicion.  She is afraid to mention it to either her husband Daryl, or stepdaughter Stephanie, both of whom have also tried to repress the memory of her dead infant daughter Becky’s traumatic drowning in a bath, many years ago. The closer Megan comes to giving birth to her second child, the more she remembers Becky.
One night Megan investigates the haunting childlike voice and footsteps that wake her. She is stabbed in her pregnant belly with the missing scissors, by an unseen hand.  This causes a premature delivery of her new baby. Megan pleads with Daryl and the skeptical doctors to believe that Becky has returned, and wants to harm her newborn daughter out of jealousy. Daryl fears Megan has become mentally unsound and forces her to receive therapy and medication. However Becky continues to make her presence known and Megan must determine if it is simply her imagination or if Becky has really come back from the dead.